Homework Assignment Tips:Writing a Book Report

Teachers assign book report writing assignments to students not because they are cruel and want to torture the students but because they know that books are a man’s best friend and they teach you lifelong experiences.

Book reports according to education level

Book reports usually are a review of the book but they vary from one grade to other. Middle school students are only supposed to write the basic information about a book. A brief summary of the book followed by the students own opinion about the book. It is not very complicated and any student can easily write a report if he has read the book. A high school student will have to write a detailed book report. As students go to higher grades the complexity of assignments also increases. They are not only supposed to write a summary but they also have to explain the message conveyed in the book and give their opinion about the message and the story.

The introduction

The introduction of the book report should be very well written. It is the first impression of your report; make sure you make it strong. You have to grab the reader’s attention here so make sure it is very engaging. The introduction will include the author’s name and the title of the book. This is where you present your topic to the reader and give him an idea about the rest of the report.

Body of the book report

After you have finished writing the introductory paragraph you can then move to the body of the book report. You cannot simply start writing the body. First you have to think answers to the following questions:

  • Did you like the book overall?
  • What was writer’s thesis?
  • Was the book biased in any way?
  • How was the plot of the book?
  • Which were the main characters of the story?
  • Are the characters justified?


The conclusion of your book report should be clear and concise. You should be able to clearly state your views and opinions about the book. If you liked the book would you recommend it to others? Is it worth reading?

These are all the essentials of a good book report. Some teachers also prefer the author’s name and book’s title to be included in the last paragraph. It is important to follow the specific requirements mentioned by your professor to get a good grade.