Tips and Tricks for Students: Learning How to Write an Essay

Did you know that absolutely everybody has the potential to write the perfect essay? Ideas in your head are just waiting to come out onto paper or the screen. Once you learn a few tips and tricks you too, can feel good about being able to write an essay.

Here are the top strategies essay writers use:

  1. Write down your main topic and think about it for a few minutes. Ideas will start to flow.
  2. Brainstorm. Ask yourself what would people be interested in that’s directly related to your topic? Write these down.
  3. Select an essay title.
  4. Formulate your first statement by thinking about a question to pique your reader’s interest.
  5. Explain your position, and use some of the brainstorming you did to fill in the explanation.
  6. Write a paragraph on each supporting fact or idea
  7. Write a short introduction telling the reader what you are going to say in your essay
  8. Write a short conclusion tying in every main idea of the essay
  9. Now go back over your essay and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything
  10. If your teacher requires a specific style or format, make sure your essay follows all the necessary guidelines

Congratulations! You have just written an essay. It really is as simple as following the above steps. Once you get used to it, you will be able to write essays whenever you need them, and feel good about your accomplishment.

Now here are some additional tricks you can use to incorporate into your next great essay:

  1. When writing an academic essay, you should be answering a question
  2. You need to be able to present relevant examples, documentation, information or supporting evidence
  3. Your sources should be top-notch, first rate and credible
  4. Writing is not linear. You may write things out of order just because it makes sense that way. Then when putting your essay together, you can put them in the appropriate order
  5. It’s okay to set aside your draft for a few days before reading and making any changes. In fact, it’s encouraged!
  6. Always take time to make sure your references and citations are in top shape and follow the guidelines you’ve been given
  7. A good edit and proofreading should be the last step before handing in your final draft.