I have no times for my assignments

How many times have you looked at your planner, organizer, or calendar and felt discouraged. If you have something to do every single day then it might get tough to actually keep up with deadlines. Having assignments due constantly often interferes with sleep, your social life, and your love life. It is important to keep a balance in your schedule so that you do not feel overwhelmed. One of the biggest complaints by college students is that they are constantly tired, stressed out, and overworked. In fact, I remember my automatic response to the question “how are you?” was “tired!” all through my college career.

Something I Discovered

After college I no longer had assignments, papers, and presentations due every day, but I did have to work just as hard in the “real world”. My biggest complaint was still that I was constantly tired. I was usually getting enough sleep, or more sleep than I needed, really, but I always felt lethargic and sort of fatigued.

What was my solution to the problem, you ask? Well, you might be surprised by this answer, but I actually had to end up taking some more time out of my already booked schedule to make time for eating right and working out.

Doing these two things ended up increasing my energy levels, which gave me more time to do the things that I loved. Of course, this was a transition over a few weeks. I did not notice immediate results and you should not expect them for yourself either. This is the case with any life change.

What Can You Do?

So, all in all, adding healthy living choices to your schedule will give you a lot more energy and you will be able to stop telling everyone that you are constantly “tired!”. Working out boosts your metabolism as well so you will look and feel better than ever. With the extra time on your hands you will now be able to complete more work in a timely fashion and the quality of work will also be better.

You will find that as you work out and make healthier eating choices your brain function will also improve. This will also assist you in having more time because you will be able to complete assignments more quickly. A sharp brain and a trained body will have you feeling the way you should and the normal amount of sleep you get will finally leave you feeling rested and restored.