History Homework Help: How to Remember Dates and Names

Remembering what happened last week is difficult enough, so how in the world does your instructor expect you to remember all of those names and dates? It is impossible and the instructor is smiling at the thought of your doom. There is just no possible way that you can remember all of this information, but without it there is no way to pass the class!

Stop stressing! Your teacher wants to see you succeed, but he also wants to turn your brain on, to make you think and see where you are at. No matter how many times the history teacher tells you a date and name, it is probably not going to stick in your head. Luckily there are tips that can be utilized to make it much easier to remember the important dates and names that are important in your History class success.

Take a look at a few of the best tips that will help those dates and names be as easy to remember as all of your favorite song lyrics.

  1. One at a Time

    Trying to remember multiple names/dates will only corrupt your mind and confuse you greatly. Only attempt to learn one piece of information at a time. Once it is nailed, move on to the next information. It is far easier to remember when you are not trying to do too much at a time.

  2. Use Flash Cards

    They are not only for little kids. Using flash cards can help you test yourself and learn as you go. Write information on one side, questions on the other. Using flash cards makes learning easy, and it also helps improve test-taking skills!

  3. Allow Music to Relax You

    Using music in the background really helps some students concentrate better, making information easier to absorb. This usually applies to auditory learners. If you want to try this, ensure that the music is kept at a minimal level. And remember, no answering the phone to tell your riend the new song that you heard and no getting up and shaking your stuff…it is study time!

  4. Use a Friend

    Two can do it better! Studying with a friend makes things seem like less of a drag, and it also makes it easier to learn dates and times and names with ease.

  5. Make a Rhyme

    Cockney slang: Try it. Or, use your own silly rhymes and antidotes to remember dates and names. This really works!