A helpful guide to school essay writing

Why is writing essays in high school important?

High school is your first step into the world of academic education. Your teachers do everything possible to get you as prepared as possible for the future life in college and university. This includes teaching you how to write in an official style, which paper types and styles there are, how to gather the information correctly and many other things that may seem not important to you now, but will make a big deal later.

How to organize the work on the essay?

This is a usual question students ask themselves after receiving a written assignment. The start is usually the hardest part, especially if you are not used to this kind of assignments. Do not worry. Here are 3 basic steps you shall follow, writing any essay:

  1. Plan the work.
  2. Write the content.
  3. Edit your paper.

Following these three easy stages will make it easier for you to organize your work and pass the class without any troubles. Let us take a closer look at what you shall not forget on each step to make your paper outstanding.


  • review your topic. Take some time to gather more information and sources about the assigned subject.
  • brainstorm the idea you are supporting. Spend couple minutes thinking about new approaches the idea may take.
  • study the guidelines. Make sure you understand the paper format and will be able to follow it, it can be vital for your grade.
  • create an outline. This is not obligatory, but will help you to structure your thoughts and avoid vague ideas.


  • create an introduction. Remember that it draws the attention to the essay, so be creative!
  • write the main body. It shall contain at least 3 paragraphs, supporting the main idea.
  • write the conclusion. It shall shortly restate your main body and tell the readers about your main achievements in the paper.
  • check the structure. Make sure all of the paragraphs are logically connected and contain link sentences.


  • take a rest. Let the essay lay for at least couple hours to look at it from the fresh point of view.
  • correspondence to the idea. Make sure all of your points support your main thought and do not go off-topic.
  • proofread carefully. Grammar and spelling mistakes can drop your grade sharply. Check everything several times.
  • check if the essay reads well. It shall flow smoothly.