Writing a persuasive speech on recycling

Whether you are in high school or college, you will most likely have to give at least one speech. If you are in a speech class with a prescribed number of speeches, you will most likely have to give different types of speeches, like informational, persuasive, demonstrative, and impromptu. After your instructors assign the speeches, you will need to choose a topic that you can comfortably present. One of the most popular persuasive speech topics is recycling. This topic can be used in all of the different types of essays.

Recycling and Persuasive Speeches

Since a persuasive speech is designed to convince someone to agree with you, you might as well have a little fun with the speech. Most people agree that recycling is a good idea, so if you want to get your listeners’ attention, you should argue the opposite. Your audience will never expect to hear a speech about why recycling is bad, so you could create humor or another emotion by stepping outside of the norm. You do not have to believe that recycling is bad in order to argue the point.

Look into the History of Recycling for Informative Topics

If you are writing an informational speech about recycling, you can also create a memorable speech. Instead of writing about the latest topics relating to recycling, your speech could focus on the unusual ways that people have recycled. You could also focus on the history of recycling and teacher your audience about what people in the past have done to keep their belongings out of the trash.

Demonstrate a New Idea for Recycling

Demonstrative speeches are designed to teach someone to do something. If you are focusing on recycling, you could teach people how to upcycle products that they have in their homes. So many people of objects that can be used in a variety of different, unexpected ways and they do not even know it. With a fascinating speech about easy ways to recycle at home, you can not only help the environment, but you can also help your audience save money.

Recycling and the Impromptu Speech

Impromptu speeches are often the most challenging, by far. These are speeches that need to be given on a moment’s notice, so they choose be about topics you know. Most people understand something about recycling, so the topic is a potential for any impromptu speech. When your instructor assigns the impromptu speech, you will be told whether the speech needs to be persuasive, informative, or demonstrative.