Never copy down physical science homework answers from your classmates

There are rules in classrooms for a reason. When you’re not studying as much as you should or struggling with an assignment, it might be tempting to copy from someone else’s homework. You should never do this because if you are caught, you could get a zero and a detention or other punishment. It’s better to get a D or even an F than to be caught cheating. If you really don’t know the subject for this test or homework, then just try your best. You’re here to learn, not to be perfect at everything. Even students who put in the work and are dedicated to studying can struggle sometimes.

Finding Help for Your Homework

If you have some time before the test or homework is due, then you can get some help with it. Here’s a few ways you can get a good grade:

  1. Ask another student. Likely, your neighbors are stuck on a different part than you, or not stuck at all. Most other students would love to help you out.
  2. Talk to your teacher. This is what he is there for – he doesn’t want to see you fail, and helping you succeed is the whole point of getting an education. Don’t be afraid to ask even for something simple or small.
  3. Do some research. If you don’t know enough about a topic for an essay, go read up on it! Hit the library or the internet and find out more about it. Be on a treasure hunt for the most interesting gems of information.
  4. Finds notes online you can use. Sometimes – depending on the nature of your homework – you can find free help on the internet. For example, essay examples talking about a classic book or science project ideas. You can find almost anything online for free. Just make sure never to plagiarise or copy these things either; it’s still considered cheating.
  5. You can hire a tutor. It won’t make you look weak or stupid to have to have a tutor come to your house a few times a week. If you’re in high school, likely, your parents will pay for it, but if you’re in post-secondary school, you can benefit from hiring one yourself. Tutors are like teachers that give you one-on-one attention and can teach slower or faster to suit your individual needs.