School homework writing errors: things you should avoid

If you want to avoid school homework writing errors you should avoid:

1. Procrastination.

This bears saying once again: procrastination. It needs to be avoided at all costs. This is particularly true of longer essays. Many students feel as though they can put off their essay writing until the night before or just a day before it is due but this is a big mistake. Why? Because you cannot give yourself the proper distance you need before returning to the paper and making edits or reviewing if you procrastinate.

2. Ignore the instructions.

This is important too. When you are writing it is important that you read over the instructions given to you line by line. You do not want your grade to suffer because you skimmed the assignment details and failed to meet a word count or use a specific formatting style.

3. Use words you don’t know.

Many students will try and throw in big words when they are writing a paper in order to make themselves sound smarter. They will either pick a word they don’t really know or use a thesaurus to try and find similar words that are longer than the word they used. This is a big mistake. Most of the time this results in using a word that is not quite right. It makes the paper seem odd and the verbage quite bad. You can avoid this by simply writing what you know.

4. Overuse technical jargon.

If you are writing a science based paper or something to do with technology that is full of many technical terms make sure that you are only using the terms you need and not filling your paper with scientific jargon for the sake of filling space or sounding smart.

5. Neglecting your audience.

You need to know your audience and know them well. If you are writing for a group of people unfamiliar with your field you cannot risk not including background information. On the other hand if you are writing for experts in your field don’t placate them by including rudimentary information that is otherwise unnecessary.