How to Do Your Homework Without Your Parents' Help

Parents can be a great help with homework – sometimes. But there’s always that pressure to make them feel like they are helping you even when they’re just making the whole process take longer.

The only help you need to overcome any problem – and I do mean any problem – that you are having in school, is with one tool: the internet.

The internet has become the tutor of the 21st century helping students who once struggled with math to become math professors later in life.

Today, students who have a rocky start in a calculus class, scoring an “F” on their first test, have been able to come out of that same class by making an A+ on their final exam. The internet can help you that much.

Great Places To Get Homework Help On Your Own


YouTube can help you with virtually any subject you are having trouble with from math to English composition to art history. With all of the videos on here by kids and adults alike along with professors from Harvard and Yale who want to take their time to really help students to learn, you cannot do anything but sit back and learn.

YouTube is actually becoming THE educational resource of the 21st century. Students who once had problems with math get on YouTube and help students to overcome their own problems with math, for example, by explaining finding solutions in a new way that kids can better understand than if parents or even teachers explain them.

Of course, to extract the most from your YouTube experience, you’ll want to do very specific key word searches for exactly the kind of educational help you want and exactly the level grade you are in—you don’t want to look up an introduction to art that was made for 8th graders if you are in graduate school for example.

Interactive Websites

There are all kinds of interactive websites which can help you master all kinds of subjects from science, to mastering verbs in English, to mastering comma placement, to mastering social studies.

By giving mini lectures and videos with quizzes, you can find out immediately how much of the subject you are mastering.

These exercises tell you if you were right, wrong, and how to master the question if you did get it wrong.