Why You Shouldn't Rely on Online Homework Answers

There are no students who can honestly claim to have never contemplated finding answers to their homework online. Some will even readily admit to purchasing entire assignments from online writing services. Should you ever find yourself about to search the web for answers you should be finding on your own, consider the following:

It takes a while

You may get lucky and find your answer within seconds but more often than not a complicated question can only be answered after several intensive searches and considerable fact checking. You may notice that acquiring the information from more legitimate means would have been faster in some cases.

Some People actively try to trick you

One of the reasons online homework answers can be so hard to find is the dearth of wrong answers that people place online as jokes. Some wrong answers come from well meaning or at least benign people who merely think they know more than they do. Others are from people who enjoy making others look like fools and may go out of their way to produce credible looking answers to do so.

You undermine your own progress

The whole point of homework assignments is to make you more comfortable with your work. They allow you to play with concepts outside of the classroom environment to develop a stronger understanding of them. By skipping this step and going straight to the answer, you lose the opportunity to practice and get better so you become a weaker student.

You might get found out

While a few teachers may be indifferent to the means by which homework is acquired once it’s submitted on time, you should never depend on that lenience. Many other teachers would punish students whose work they suspect was produced by fraudulent means. Where the homework answers were sourced online as research, there’s no real cause for concern but in some fields where the homework represents the result of an action that the student cannot replicate in class, it’s easy to get found out.

Homework may not always be easy or fun but it is necessary to become a better student. Added to this, the higher up you go in education, the more independent study and research you will be expected to do. While it may technically be possible to fake your way to a doctorate, you will be much better off if you actually earn the skills you claim to have.