Research papers in science: formatting guide

Writing a research paper is different from writing a liberal arts or humanitarian paper. Science based papers have different styles and different methods for writing a successful and accurate paper. These papers have their own sets of rules and guidelines and a format.

Writing the title and who to put as the author

The title for science papers need to be specific and needs to get the paper's idea across without being so complicated that only experts will understand. These titles usually summarizes the subject of the paper and may include the result of the research. The person who did the research and did the writing is the one listed first as the author and then others who assisted are listed

During research

Before writing the paper, notes must be taken accurately and specifically. This time is also used to sketch ideas for the paper and write down a general outline for the paper. Any research must have the source checked for credibility and if any experiments were repeated successfully.

The abstract

Also, include an abstract that summarizes the basic information, including results of your research paper, so readers know if this article suits their needs or is something they desire to read

If you include pictures, tables, or statistical graphs

If the author includes research graphs or pictures, there needs to be a caption that describes what the reader is looking at. These descriptions don't need to be long or complicated, just enough to describe the content. The graph should also be necessary to the paper and not put there for purely visual reasons.

Only include the most relevant information

Not every piece of research needs to be included along with the methods used. Only information and specific results to the hypothesis needs to be included. Attention must be paid to consistency and how the research relates to the question being asked. During the editing process, the research must be checked for accuracy and all data must be checked again to assure all the data used is necessary and complete.

Allow for discussion

After discussing the research and methods, it is then time for discussion. The results are discussed along with what the results mean.

Writing a research paper is different from writing other styles of research papers. These papers involve a lot more research and strict discussion of research. The data is taken by the writer itself along with other research needed.