3 tips to complete your college homework overnight

For anybody that has been in college, they understand dealing with the big “P”. The big “P” is also known as procrastination and can affect a student’s grades in school. However there is a way that a college student can complete their homework overnight. This will requires some planning to accomplish, but will be well worth it. The most important thing to remember is to make use of all the time that you have and also make sure that the quality of work is still good.

Time Waits for No Man

The most important thing that you need to be aware of is how much time do you have to complete the assignment. Before even beginning it is important to think out a few things. How much time do you need to get to class? What time does the class start? Does the teacher open the doors early? After thinking about all of these things you need to factor in how much homework you have to do and estimate how long it will take you. Timing is everything and you need to keep a close eye on time. In some cases a teacher may open the doors to their class early. This gives you an opportunity to the last bit of the homework within the class, so you will not be late. It is also important to calculate the time for you to get dress and shower.

Fighting Sleep and Hunger

You want to make sure that you have some nutrition on hand that will keep you activate through the night. Though it is not the most healthy option sodas such as Coca Cola and Pepsi can deliver small amounts of caffeine into your system. A cheaper alternative is black coffee, this tends to be more healthy and will produce the same effects as a soft drink. While you're awake it is important to snack on a foods that will keep you awake. Gum is great for keeping your mouth busy while doing homework. Heavy, starchy foods such as fast foods should be avoided at all cost because they can raise your insulin level and cause you to crash. A bag of trail mix or some popcorn and jerky are great ways to fight hunger, while doing homework late night.

Phone a Friend

One of the best ways to stay awake while doing homework overnight, is to have a friend stay up with you. While you are doing homework you guys can talk about the assignment and other things. Not only will this add excitement to the homework session, but keep you awake. Get a small group of friends together and you all can do homework in a group.