Biology Term Paper Topics

Writing a biology paper includes choosing a good topic. One of the most important aspects in selecting your topic is making sure it matches your interest. Maybe the topic is related to why you wanted to study biology in the first place. Or, maybe you have an opinion on something that others may agree or disagree with. Some topics are pretty common for this area of study, while others may not seem they have a connection to biology at all but could use a unique mind to clarify its significance in the field.

Choosing a Topic from a Broad Perspective

There are so many topics to choose from in this field it is really mind boggling. From a general standpoint you may be able to determine what the subject would be. Common areas include animals, chemicals, biochemical, biochemistry, physiology, plants and genetics to name a few. Then, each of these subjects can be broken down into more detail topics are areas of interest. Here, you may find topics that have been written about previously or most common. This can help in determining something different or new if you want to present a term paper from a different perspective.

Topics that Seem Out of the Ordinary but Are Interesting

There are a vast amount of topics that have been researched that give a better perspective on how things, materials, and concepts are perceived. Some students had the pleasure of writing about prison inmates and how they behave behind bars. Others may have interests in insects such as the honey bee and how it migrates throughout the world. How the body functions and its effect on metabolism is another area of significance. Cells that fight cancer, understanding cancer risk, and how radiation works to reduce cancer are subjects worth continuous research.

Some topics are known to be controversial such as using mice to understand how cancer spreads, physical mutations and DNA development. Cells in the body, chemical elements such as calcium and hydrogen, and human development while aging are a few popular areas for students.

Keep In Mind What You Have Learned So Far

A term paper may help present information you know and what you have learned, but with additional emphasis on technical writing skills. You should choose a topic you have interest in but will allow you to demonstrate significant information you have learned.